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About Maria

Maria Masle is an outstanding Slovenian performer who sings in Spanish and whose music features „hot” Latin & Balkan dance rhythms. Since 2009 her singles and video clips topped the charts of most regional radio/TV stations.

Maria wants to present herself to the world to show the passion that is leading her with the creation of her music. Maria is a young lady (La Dama del Balkan) who exactly knows what she wants; she is self-confident, decisive and temperamental, what she claims is and should be the main characteristic of all the ladies from all over the world…

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Passion for Latin & Balkan Music


Maria Masle is a young lady full of temperament and ambition, with a true passion for music. And this is also where the idea for the title of the album comes from. The tracks are bursting with the vitality of Latin America, featuring Latino rhythms mixed with Balkan and oriental rhythms, with a touch of modern electronics.

New Video Released

Maria Masle – Tropical Breeze

Tropical breeze, sea, infinite pleasure, fiesta carneval…all this and a lot more can be seen and heard in the new song Tropical Breeze that Maria Masle is dedicating to all the people of this world who are playful, open, joyful, positive and in love.
“The infinity of time and space is the thing that I wanted to express with this song. Magical rhythms of the guitar are creating a mischievous reverie that takes you to carefreeness. I am creating the music that is making new guidelines and which will move away from the existing frames in the music industry”, says Maria.

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